Search for new posts by date on a URL, and extract data to Excel

Looking for a way to extract just by date and avoid extracting all data and then filtering later. I am a no-code user so can only take suggestions that are options in Studio X. And experience with this?


Can you show some example of what you want to extract and from where and if you are able to indicate that element?

Are you talking about extract table data?


Here is one of the links I am trying to extract data from:

Managed Care All Plan Letters - 1998 to Current

Right now it is pulling the entire table for 2023 but I was hoping there was a way to narrow the extracted data. So far solutions from people are not strictly in StudioX. I am a CitDev and only have an enterprise license for StudioX, so other suggestions are not helpful.

For example…if I am running the automation daily, I do not need to keep extracting the same data.