Exteract a string from another one

Hello guys,

I had a string “Patient M. doulo boulo”

i just qand to get “M. doulo boulo”

if the is stored in strinput
in assign activity

stroutput = String.Join(" “,Split(strinput,” ").Skip(1)).ToString.Trim

Cheers @abdel

i had the Following error when coded with C#

hey it works for the example!

is there a solution for:

kjljjlljjlkjlj dfsdfs 14/01/20 prélevé à 09h26

just to take 14/01/20

@abdel - for it to work on multiple examples consistently you need to identify a pattern. Is there a pattern for what words you want to exclude or which words to include?

The 2 examples you provided are extremely different from each other

ia just want to get 14/01/20 prélevé à 09h26