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Hello guys,

Looking for some advice here since I’m encounter some problem.

I have a dynamic string example of text:

  1. Tickets No : PCP-20210707-12345 created with No: QR20210707-56789 created successfully.
  2. Tickets No : PCP-20210707-9080012 created successfully. Need to create manually.

So I’m trying to capture PCP-20210707-9080012 or PCP-20210707-12345.

I use Substring to remove the first part because it has the same number of character. But couldn’t figure out on how to remove the part after the text I want to capture.

Get that value into a string variable (consider strTicketNo)and then you can use below logic:
strTicketNo.remove("Tickets No : “).split(” "c)(0)

Do I need to assign it to string variable?

I got an error “Options Strict On disallows implicit conversion from String to Integer”

Hi @jenkim, You can also refer below steps:
1 -Create test variable of string type and assign value to it.
2 - test.Substring(test.LastIndexOf(“:”) + 2 ,test.Length - test.LastIndexOf(“:”) - 2)

Input - Tickets No : PCP-20210707-12345
Output - PCP-20210707-12345

I would use regex for that:


I tried your solution but it will get the wrong ticket number.

Output: QR20210707-56789 created successfully.

By this do you mean I need to use Matches activity and use for each loop to get the string?

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@jenkim - please check this…

Assign it to a string variable…

Or If you want use Regex…


 system.text.regularexpressions.regex.Match("YourString","(?<=Tickets No : )\S+").value

Assign above statement to string variable.

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How about below statement using assign activity
YourString.Split(":“c)(1).Split(” "c)(0)

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Thank you all for your solution. Really appreciate it. :grinning:

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Yes… Get that value into string variable.

Many Thanks.

Shubham Agrawal

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