Extension problem?

Hello all,
i’ve a problem with my robot.
has performed operations on browser and application correctly for 2 hours, then a problem has happened but when the REFramework tried to restart reported a problem with the firefox extension.

Cannot communicate with browser, please check the uipath extension.

Now, if the robot did the work correctly for 2 hours, means that the extension was correctly installed. From this log forward i have this log error:

Take screenshot failed with error: Object reference not set to an instance of an object. at Source: Save screenshot

And then i was not able to access to the citrix app. What may be the problem?

up pls

Hi @andreus91

Object reference not set to an Instance throws when there is null value, check the flow again to rectify, as the save screenshot activity didn’t get the correct path

Check the file path is accessible and saving in correct location


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Hi @Srini84

The strange things is that… After this error during the same run it was doing the second retry and it saved the screenshot.



can you debug and share the error log, it might helps to trace the issue


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Thanks @Srini84
Unfortunately I can’t share all the logs produced by the robot but it works fine until there is a attach window failed. The robot close all apps and try to restart with REFramework and when re-opened the apps appear this error.

Cannot communicate with browser, please check the UiPath extension.

But, if it run for 3 hours without errors and communicate well with all apps, included firefox, what could be the issue?

I’ve seen this 3d

I’m working in VM but i’ve launched the robot via orchestrator in local.