Export WorkBook not Working (Balareva.Excel.Activities)


We were using the Export WorkBook activity from the Balareva.Excel.Activities (@balupad14) for a while in a production environment (Windows Server 2012 R2, Office 2016) but since last week, the activity keeps throwing a generic error and we can’t understand what’s the reason/source for that.

The exact same process (and activity) executes in other machines and it was in the 2020.3.0 (I tried to update to laest versions but it keeps throwing the same error).

Has anyone had the same problem?


Hi @FilipeFerreira ,

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Are you able to do it manually in the production server that what you have exported in excel?


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Hi @balupad14,

Your question made me get there!

A new domain policy blocked the PDF printer on the environment.
It’s working again!

Thank you!

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