Pdf to excel activity

Hi everyone,
How to get pdf to excel activity in uipath. It is not shown in manage package.

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Hi @supu123

Go to the Uipath gallery website and search the Excel Activities DA downloaded the activities and paste into the C:\Program Files (x86)\UiPath\Studio\Packages Folder

and go the manage package Local folder search Excel Activities da and install it

in the activities panel search “export Pdf to Excel”

Amaresan. P

Hi @amaresan

Excel to pdf is shown in activity panel but pdf to excel is not shown.

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Hi everyone,

please help me out with this .

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use this link RPA Listings - Collections, Integration Packs | UiPath Marketplace

and downloaded

like this and place int the C:\Program Files (x86)\UiPath\Studio\Packages and install the package


and refresh then u can able to see image

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use this activity inside excel application scope

Hi @amaresan,

what path to give in excel application scope and the is the same path should be given output sheet property of Export pdf to excel.

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Hi Supu

Are you install the Package? in excel application scope give the Output Path to which place are you want to store Data example “D:\a.xlsx” and sheet name also given any name to which name you want to store like “Sheet1”

that it


Hi @amaresan
yes, I was able to install package yesterday. Thankyou:)

But my dought is how you came to know that "the package excel Activities DA will contain “Export to pdf activity” . Is there any tutorial for packages other then tutorial given in level 1 for packages.

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i have a pdf file i need to get specific data from the pdf by passing the objects .And i need to store that data in a excel file. How to do it please guideme

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I installed the package but in project dependency it is showing the error and unable to find the Export to Excel activity,
and i am not finding the activity can you please help me with this

Hey @amaresan I did not find this file path in my local system “C:\Program Files (x86)\UiPath\Studio\Packages and install the package” so than where should i paste the downloaded file?


Which version are you using? and which edition "community edition or Standard "?

Community edition… but problem solved thank you @amaresan

i am using Community edition where to installed this package ?
can you give example how to install and how to use it ?

If you downloaded the nupkg file and saved locally you need to define a new source in manage packages > Settings and paste the file in this local Folder - afterwards you should be able to find the package under all packages

i have installed the package, how to use this activity im not getting any properties.

Edit: I just installed DA Excel Activities from the provided link. You will then have to store the downloaded nupkg file in a Folder of your choice for which you need to define a package source in the package Manager Settings. Afterwards you will find the package under ‘All Packages’ and install it by clicking the blue download Icon. Save and the activities will appear in your Activity Panel as provided. ‘Export pdf to Excel’ Activity provides properties to define the PDF-Input and Excel Sheet name. You will have to use the Activity inside of an Excel Application Scope.

Steps to follow: install package as described - create Excel Application Scope - Provide .xlsx File Path in Application Scope - Provide .pdf File Path in ‘Export pdf to Excel properties’ (Input) - provide sheet name which you want to Export the pdf content to (Output)

i got activity, but its not getting structure data.
all data are getting in one column .i am not getting columns data like --Name, Vat, Cahrge
all are in one columns

Well, then maybe provide data structure so somebody can help you, try working with delimiters, use read pdf Activity instead …