Excel To PDF - Export WorkBook is not Working


I am using @balupad14’s Export Workbook activity as shown below. My Objective is to convert all the .xlsx files available in my Out folder to PDF files.

Below is the error:


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Hey @prasath17
Check this out video I have not used the same activity but used another activity to convert excel to PDF: Creating Employee ID Card Using Excel File As A Template And Converting To PDF - YouTube


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Yes thanks @Parth_Doshi . Only problem i was having with this is , i am not able to write the output pdfs to the different folder.

It is currently reading from this folder (“C:\Users\giris\Documents\UiPath\Timesheet_Consolidation\Guru\Out”) and writing pdfs in the same path, if i dont provide anything in the “Destination Path”.

I tried the below "C:\Users\giris\Documents\UiPath\Timesheet_Consolidation\Guru\Out\PDF\ " - Not working

Not Sure how to provide. i tried to build the path in varaible too. no luck.

I tried the below "C:\Users\giris\Documents\UiPath\Timesheet_Consolidation\Guru\Out\PDF\ " - Not working

change the path in this way: "C:\Users\giris\Documents\UiPath\Timesheet_Consolidation\Guru\Out\PDF\ FileName.pdf "

this should work

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I already tried that…Not working…may be Bug.

Just give “FileName.pdf” and see where the file is getting saved.

It is saving under C:\Documents folder. For the time being, i left as blank. Added one Move file activity to move the destination where i needed.

okay perfect.
please mark this as solution if it helped.


Please wait…Original post to is to use BalaReva export to Pdf which may get this job done is one step…

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Yes I know.
That’s the reason I mentioned if it helped then only mark it as solution.

HI @prasath17,

in the Export Path, you have to give the full path like “C:\temp\test.pdf”.

Thank you

got it…Thanks @balupad14… It worked…So you have to give the absolute path…

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Here is the video demonstration of the activity.