Export Intelligent OCR Extraction Results from PDF into SQL

I am using Taxonomy Manager to read a PDF and have digitized the document, validated it through Present Validation Station, and exported it with Export Extraction Results. How do I take this data that is in the DataSet variable type and write it to SQL?


  1. First Check whether your DataSet (ds) has any values.
  2. If value exists, convert DataSet to DataTable (dt). dt=ds.Tables(0)
  3. User InsertDataTable Database activity to insert the resultant datatable into your SQL DB.

Thank you! That worked

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i have PDF with Mutiple Invoices(same template) and i used Intelligent OCR to capture the details.
while i am testing the script it is able to process the first page of the PDF only. if i want to do for all pages in PDF what should i do?

if i have 5 pages in pdf my solution is working for first page and then it stops. can anyone suggest