Extract Datatable From Tiff File

Hi Everyone,

I am trying to extract the invoice information in the invoice files in the link as a datatable. With Taxonomy manager and digitize document, I could only get the data in the first file, but it did not work for the second file. Does anyone have any ideas on how I can get the data for both files at the same time?

Link: İnvoice - Google Drive


  1. Make sure you are using DU Framework for processing invoices.
  2. Identify any particular differences in both the invoices like structure or format.
  3. Review the Taxonomy Manager settings and make sure it’s configured to capture the necessary fields accurately. Fine-tune the taxonomy based on the content and structure of both invoice files.
  4. Test the digitization process on each file individually to identify if there are any specific issues with the second file.
  5. Check the OCR engine and language settings.

Have you tried open by as image
with ocr

To extract data from both invoice files using Taxonomy Manager and Digitize Document:

  1. File Format Compatibility:
  • Ensure both files are in a supported format (e.g., PDF, CSV).
  1. Handle Variability:
  • Check if the tools can handle variations in invoice layouts.
  1. Adjust Parameters:
  • Tweak confidence thresholds, extraction rules, or template configurations.
  1. Customization:
  • Create custom templates or rules for each invoice.
  1. Debugging:
  • Check error logs for insights into extraction failures.
  1. Upgrade Software:
  • Use the latest version for bug fixes and improvements.
  1. Support or Community:
  • Contact support or check community forums for assistance.
  1. Manual Review:
  • Manually review and adjust extraction results if needed.