Read PDF text, write specific information

So I’m using Read PDF text to get all text from an Invoice and selecting specific information from it using regex and string manipulation. I want to extract the product table with its description and qty. etc. but I can’t seem to find a way to extract it, as the data in the table changes per invoice.
Here is the invoice I would like to extract:
invoice1.pdf (238.9 KB)

I was able to extract the account number, due date, vendor name and currency using language. But I am struggling to extract the product information as it is changing every invoice.

Thanks in advance.

Well, @Dewald

With some researcha nd hands on I think the following link will help you greatly and I dont think much string operation is needed if you use the following. Use the package Intelligent OCR (Microsoft) and the Taxonomy manager in studio - follow this -

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I don’t want to use OCR, that is why I used the read PDF activity… So I don’t think the taxonomy will work for me here.

can you share table more than 2 rows pdf

cheers @Dewald