Add Export Extraction Result to DataTable

Hi all,

I’m working on invoice processing. After the validation I use export extraction results activity giving a DataSet output. I need to add this DataSet (which is a row of values) to a DataTable. I’m trying to use add datatable activity but getting different errors.

Hope someone can help me.

Hello @DidacEl,

Please note that a DataSet is nothing more than a collection of DataTables.

Get your table field’s name (say it is “MyItems”), and try the following assign:
myItemsDataTable = myDataSet.Tables(“MyItems”) - and you have your datatable :slight_smile:

If you are looking for the simple fields (like Invoice Number, Date, Total etc), just look for myDataSet.Tables(“Simple Fields”) and you get a datatable with that information.

Try writing these in an excel file to see what they contain. You might also want to look at the sample posted here: How to use the IntelligentOCR Package