Expiring RPA Certification Clarifications

@loginerror @Pablito Can somebody from UiPath clarify this for me?

I am already certified but there are a couple of people that I am mentoring to prepare and write the Advanced Developer certificate that ends on April 30th.

I know they have 3 attempts to pass the practical exams but what happens if they submit their project on the 30th of April and get feedback on May 1st saying they didn’t pass.

  1. Are they eligible to try again even though it’s past the deadline?
  2. Is there a cut-off date that retakes attempts are void?

Any clarifications will be appreciated.


This Advanced Developer Certification no more exists after April 30th. Now, Uipath introduced two new certifications. Please check below thread for your reference.



The legacy platform has been retired as of today. Please check out this post for more information and a detailed overview. Advanced UiPath Free Certification Date extension

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Thanks for the clarifications

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