Exit the bot without terminate workflow


I am working on the liner process which has multiple small module what work individually and pass the values to next module over here I have handled exception using try catch but i need to gracefully exit if any module reaches to catch after sending email from catch block .
What can be the ways I have tried terminate but that is giving exception as ended with error in orchestrator .break will not work as few has loop and few don’t have any loop.

Hello @shashank_dullu,

In the catch block, instead of rethrowing the exception, just give a log message with “Error” level(So that you can understand an error happened) and the flow will continue to next step.
Hope it’s clear.


Put a flow decision between the sequences and use it to determine if the automation continues to the next sequence or just does nothing (or diverts to an “end” sequence)

Error messages is already there but after all the steps i have to stop the sequenve in place of going to next step

@shashank_dullu You can Rethrow the exception from the catch block after sending an email. For that you have to keep all these modules in a parent try catch

So, whenever the exception has rethrew it can be handled by the Parent try catch and stops the execution


Please find attached workflow below

Example.zip (2.7 KB)


Then in the catch sequence use a bool variable to determine if an error happened or not. And in each sequence give a check whether exception boolean variable is true or not. If yes don’t do anything, else continue the sequence.