Terminate current Process after Exception in any of sequence and jump to next process

Hi all,

I need one help, I wanted to terminate the current transaction and move to next transaction if any exception occurred in any of workflow it just terminate the current process and jump on to next process.

I have used try catch block in each sequence and if it should catch any exception it should terminate the current process.

Do let me know how and what I can use in catch section (any activity or workflow)in each sequence to achieve the requirement.

Please note - it’s a linear flow I am not using RE framework, it’s just a flowchart which is gonna used.


you can use terminate workflow activity in catch block

Use a “Continue” activity to Terminate the current transaction and move to the next transaction.

@Binod_Kumar_Biswal You can use the ‘Terminate Workflow’ activity in the ‘Catch’ block.
In the properties panel of the terminate workflow activity, under the ‘Exception’ you can enter the ‘exception’ variable or under the ‘Reason’ you can enter ‘exception.Message’.

Hi Brain,

Thanks for replying actually if I will use terminate workflow then bot will be stopped.

My scenario is if a transaction is running and any exception occurred in any of the sequence or workflow then bot should skip the current transaction and jump on to next transaction and start the process again.

With terminate workflow activity we need to start the bot again manually.

Hope you get my requirement.
Can you please suggest something that will work for this particular sceanrio ?

@Binod_Kumar_Biswal If you have separate sequences then you can use ‘If’ activity for all the sequences. The If activity will have flags. The sequences should only be processed if the flags are true. You can set the status(True or False) of the flags in the exception blocks.

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Use “Break” to terminate the current process

You can Refer this image
Here i have used use browser/application and caught system exception in the catch block after catching exception i terminated the workflow.

Hope this works

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