Exiting out of a workflow

I’ve been searching for this topic with no results so I’m most likely using the wrong search string.

How do you force and exit from a work flow. I have an if statement that is looking at input coming in and I want to end execution if the input is invalid. Something similar to the END statement in VB, or the Stop command in studio.

Is anyone doing this? Thanks in advance.

Does Terminate Workflow activity work for your requirement?

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Thanks, that does work. I was hoping there was something that didn’t through an exception, but just exiting the application.

You could use a flow chart and in the flow decision (Input valid = true), Write your logic in True sequence and workflow will automatically terminate.

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Even I’m looking for the same.
I want to terminate a workflow without pop up messages

Flow decision throws error pop up. I wish to exit without pop ups.

Can you attach a workflow?

I call a sequence within an Try-catch (REFramework).
Terminate Workflow will throw an exception when exiting the sequence, and will not continue.

Is there a way to NOT throw an exception?

Btw, in the Terminate workflow option I left “Exception” as blank and only filled in “Reason”.


I’ve the same issue , did you find a solution please @james.holthaus ?
i want to terminate my workflow without any popup exception

Hi @Mery_EL

Did you find a solution to terminate my workflow without any popup exception?

Hey guys, use this:

  • Put the sequence inside the ‘Try’ of a Try Catch
  • Put a ‘Throw’ with any exception - like ‘new exception’
  • On the ‘Catch’ of the Try Catch, just choose a generic type of exepetion - like ‘exception’ and leave it empty

This way your flow will pass through your sequence, terminate when you want it to (on Throw) and will not apear any exception popup on screen.

You can see an excemple below:
EndWithoutPopup.xaml (8.4 KB)

If you want to end all the process you can use terminate workflow, and if you want to exit from a specific workflow and continue the rest process you can use a new activity added on 8 2023 for exiting the current workflow and continue the execution of the rest process. The activity name is return

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Good alternatives from the other, but this should be the accepted answer.