Execute Robot as BAT file

Hi everyone,

So I have this process:

1- A dialog box is showed off
2- User type into file number
3- robot searches for file number in system and dowload documents related.

The process is developed on PC 1.

I want to lauch this robot from PC 2 ( distant) and get the dialog box on PC 2.

Is that possible ?



Yes, It is possible.

whatever we developed in one system can also run in other systems

This can be done in two ways
If we have the orchestrator and a robot is installed in PC2 then we can publish the process developed in PC1 to orchestrator, then run that process in PC2
If we don’t have orchestrator and a robot in PC2
then from being in OC1 itself we can do that but we need to have RDP Connection wizard that is REMOTE DESKTOP CONNECTION wizard
So that we can connect PC3 from being in PC1 and do the operation inside the PC2

Cheers @Youssef