Connection to a distant machine (RDP, TeamViewer...) with robot

Hi all,

I have a special question. Indeed, I would like to know if a robot can go and connect to a remote machine (via RDP, TeamViewer …) and act on it. This dynamically because it must connect to several dozen machines to do the same task.
I imagine it’s technically not possible but you never know, maybe a specific package or an extension is available for this purpose.
Thanks for your feedbacks :slight_smile:

Yes it can, RDP is just an app you can open and click around in.

But why not set up Orchestrator to just run the automation unattended on the remote machines?

Sure, I can open it, but is it possible for the robot to do actions on the distant environment?
Because there are hundreds of remote machines for one process and the customer could not pay one robot per remote machine, that’s why I check if it’s possible to do differently.
And they can’t change x time per day the robot to a different remote machine.

Yes it’s possible.

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