Execute non query - Not timing out



I am using execute non query activity to update and insert around 2000 rows into sql server database. I have tested in dev environment using database in dev and it is working fine. we moved to production and we ran from the orchestrator and the job reached the execute non query activity and stayed in running state. I specified a timeout of 40 minutes to the exucute non query activity, but it did not time out. i killed the process after 5 hours. Can anyone help me figure out, why the timeout for this activity did not work.


Hi @priyatham

Does it work with a simple query that should only take a few seconds? It would be valuable to carefully test this scenario to be sure where the issue is.


I have to do that in prod, but the question that is raised by client side is , why the process did not timeout and kept running. I will go through studio logs and raise a ticket with uipath.


It is working for larger queries as well. I went through the uipath logs and windows event logs as well, but could not find any errors. BOT code sequence is as follows - log message “execute query” – Execute non query – log message “effected rows”. All we can see in orchestrator logs is the first log message. The execute query is in try catch as well and we did not see any exceptions as well. The orchestrator job ran till we canceled it after 5 hours.