Execute Non Query Issues

Hi Guys

When i execute an update query(Multiple rows) in Execute Non query tag. It is timing out and query is not getting executed.

Please help me out

Does your update statement take more time ?? Try to put in a higher value in the TimeoutMS property.

To identify the optimum timeout val , execute the update via Toad etc … Check the time taken for the update to complete. Add some buffer say 30 - 60 sec more to the actual time taken , and update that in TimeoutMS…

You may look into this post. I have given a sample code.

[quote=“krishnamak01, post:2, topic:34491”]
ay 30 - 60 s
[/quote]Thanks Krishna it actually takes 3-4 Minutes for the update to get completed

Hi @Kamesh, I had the same problem with “Execute Non Query” Activities. I solved it doing the Query for each row of the DT.
When I put the “Execute Non Query” outside of the “For each row” process failed with timingout error. But doing this, I solved the problem.

Please share to me your results, I hope it helps.

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Thanks Pablo will try

Your welcome @Kamesh

How can I modify the CallStoredProcedure.xaml code to run a query with a long command timeout instead of a stored procedure?