Problem in Executing the Update statement in Database using Execute Non Query Activity

Hi Team, I’m trying to execute the update query in Database by using the “Execute Non Query” Activity.
but the process going to that step and connecting to database but not executing the command and process will not able to come out from that activity. Almost i waited form 30min. and the table contains only 1 record.
when u try with manual process it is working in 1 second, but the robo process going to take very long time to execute moreover it will not executing the query.
Can you please help anyone.

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kindly use update statement like this
update billcycles set BCH_RUN_DATE = @EX_BCH_Update_Date, LAST_RUN_DATE = @EX_Last_Date_BillRun , FUP_ACCOUNT_PEROD_ID = @Ex_Only_Date_Bill_Run
where billcycle in (@DB_Bill_Cycle)

Kindly try this and let know for any queries or clarification
Cheers @Abhinandan

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Thanks @Palaniyappan

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No worries
Cheers @Abhinandan

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