Exclude Header in Data table

I’m storing the output of a query in a Data table like below

Column 1

I want to only get the value and store in a string excluding the column header. Please let me know how to get this

the header / datacolumns are part of a datatable and we have to keep it.

When storing the datatable on an excel workhsheet we can tickoff addHeaders and will omit it

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Hello @aishwarya1

Do you mean you need to remove the header from the datatable and need to convert the data to a string?

If eys, can you confirm from where you are getting this datatable? Is it from an excel? iF Yes, during the excel reading, in the property panel just enable is header. Then if you you want to convert to string variable you can use " output datatable activity".


In Data Table , It is mandatory but if you write this data table by using “Write range activity”, then its possible. you have to uncheck the “Add header” property in the property panel.

I hope it will help you -

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