How to Output DataTable to String Without the Column Name/Header?

Hello, I’d like to write a datatable to a text file, and is using Output Data Table.
But I need to output it without the table header.
Is there any way to do it, or to go around it?

(I want to avoid using loop if possible, as the data now is very big).

The normal Output DataTable:

Expected result:

Thank you in advance.

Hi @im_heathen

If your input is a DataTable, use a write CSV activity with the Header option checked out:

It will pretty much return a comma separated text file, and if you only have one column, it gets even simpler.

I pasted this values from a text variable in output data table activity which is extracted from an excel file by unchecking add headers, but when i paste it in this field the header also comes along with that. i need to remove that header alone (Application_URL). How to do this??

I gave it a try, see attached xaml file. It generates two outputs for you to see the difference: (10.6 KB)

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Yeah, it works. Thank you