How to remove datatable headers?

Hi. I want to remove headers in datatable and I am using Remove Datatable Row activities but I don’t know what to write in RowIndex.Can someone help me please?

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There is not a way to do that, datatables always need the headers…

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Is not it possible?

no… it is part of any datatable specification… why do you try to do that?

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I want to convert it to text and I don’t want to headers

I suggest to you to remove the header after you create it as text…

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which way should I do?

Depends on how do you want your text to be… What was you plan to convert to text?

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I converted with output datatable. But headers at the beginning of the text

Write the same datatable in other excel and convert it to String using OutputDataTable
and make sure while writing second time
in write range property panel uncheck the Add Headers

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Just put an Assign activity with the output variable from Output DataTable like this:
MyDataTableText = MyDataTableText.Remove(0, MyDataTableText.IndexOf(Environment.NewLine)+2)



You can try using on the output of Output Data Table (text) the method Substring like this.



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