DataTable to DataTable convert without header/ColumnName ( not in Excel )

I have a DataTable With headers/Column Name


I want to remove the header/Column Name and Stored to another DataTable…

You can skip the first line of the data table which is having headers and then you can copy that to another datatable using linq. Have you tried that? @Ajith_143

Thank you…
Can you send the Code pls…

Try to use read range activity, in this activity you can read whole datatable and if you go through the properties of read range activity you can see AddHeaders checkbox. just uncheck that checkbox.

Thank you…

But I am using Data Scraping to get the DataTable from WebSite.It has a header. but I need that without headers…

for (Not in Excel) you can use RemoveDataRow Activity

RemoveDataRow Activity remove headers in DataTable? @abhay

just you have to mention the index of row whichever you want to remove

which index you given?

I tried it. But its remove only Data of given index… I want to remove header…
637995 637995
924645 647285
647285 970735
970735 147925
147925 998315
998315 344465
344465 326165
326165 488825
488825 896025

I given 1 @abhay


After scrapping data from web your passing output data table variable in write range correct.
In write range properties uncheck AddHeaders.

yeah its done… but I am not using write range. After scrapping I want to remove headers…

you mentioned (not in Excel…)


yes I am Not using Excel

ok now working fine.