Exclude email signatures from 'Save Attachments' activity


I have a workflow that involves saving images with the ‘Save Attachment’ activity. My company uses an image with each email and it is being saved alongside the other photos.

I need to find a way to exclude the specific file, not the file type.

The best way will be is to loop through all the attachments .
Using for each - Mailmessage.attachments

Inside for each ,
Path.getextension( Item.name).contains(“filetype”)
using if check what is the extension of the attachment.
Then use ,

Save attachments and pass item :slight_smile:

The attachment is of your required type , use save attachment activity and pass the attachment along with the index of it .

the issue I’m having is that the image I don’t is the same file type as the attachments I’m saving

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If the attachments and signature is of same type,

Then can you just loop through using the above method i mentioned and print the name and see what is the attachment name for the signature image ?

Then you can exclude using the if condition Not path.GetFilenamewithoutextension(item.name).contains(nameofsignature)

And save it

Hi @nedenfield

No need to worry about it.
You can simply download the attachment as its with the signature image.

After the save attachment sequence. Drive the for each loop on that directory where you have saved the attachment. and use the below if condition

If = path.GetFileName(item).ToString.EndsWith(".jpeg")

Then use the delete activity in the ‘Then’ sequence.
after that Image file will be deleted from that folder.

Try this.:grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: