Fetch the attachments only from attachment section, ignoring the inserted images inside body

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I want to save the attachments only from attachment section in a mail, rather than downloading all the attachments including inserted images in body in the mail message.

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Hi @tgopalas

See these


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Hi @PrankurJoshi

I’ve already gone through those links before posting this. Anyways, thanks for the response:).
Let me explain you clearly by attaching a mail screenshot

In the above mail(screenshot), there is only one attachment in the attachment section of the mail, but if I check for the attachment count, I’m getting two i.e Excel attachment and the icon which is in image format from body section(to be specific in signature).

Here my concern is, I want to retrieve the attachments((be it any type of file attached)) only from the attachment section and not from body section of the mail.

Please let me know if you have any solution for this

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@tgopalas Did you find a solution to this problem as I am looking for it also!?

@ewanc1, no i didn’t find the exact solution, but I’m sure of the type of attachment, so I just did as below.

Get all the attachments
For each attachment, checked the extension and if its other than excel, i’m just ignoring and fetching the desired attachment

@tgopalas @ewanc1

Use "(\.|\/)(?!JPEG|jpeg|JPE|jpe|JPG|jpg|PNG|png|GIF|gif).*" in the “Filter” property of the “Save Attachments” activity.

This will only save attachments that are not one of the image extensions above (also ignoring embedded images). Of course, this means that if they actually do send you an image as an actual attachment, it will be ignored as well.

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Thanks @x.Rei.Ai.x @tgopalas but my use case involves supporting attachements for a claim that can be of multiple types, very often including images. Solution we went with was to exclude images below a certain size 15kb, as these are very unlikely to be anything other than signature images. Not an ideal solution, if someone could find a way to only get actual attachments I think this would be a good addition to UIpath as others must have this use case!


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