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I want to save email attachments which does not include signature images. My attachments contains different types of file. Can some one help me with this?

Does the signature images has fixed name in the attachments ?
If yes, you can save all attachments and then delete the signature image from the saved attachments folder.

Karthik Byggari

Nope, signature images names gets chnages too…

Hi @sravani22,
You can mention the only files you have download in the filter attribute of the save attachments activity.

use this “(.xlsx|.pdf|.docx|.xlsm)” in filter option of save attachments. it will work.

Do not mention signature images thats it.

you can try save attachment activities but be aware that all attachments inside the email will be download including some logo and jpeg in the email if any

The problem is getting signature image names. Solution is, read email body in html format, use regex to get image names. Use for each loop to remove the attachment from attachment collection and save remaining attachments with save attachment activity.

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