Image download when save attachment activity is used

Hello Sir/Madam
I am using save attachment activity and attachment is getting saved but with that my outlook signature is also downloading how can I avoid downloading the image

Hi @arjun_27,

You can use filter parameter of Save Attachment activity,
if you want to download only excel files then filter —> “.xlsx”

Hi @arjun_27

1.For example if you can using outlook use Get Outlook Mail Message Activity create output variable.
2.Next use for each activity pass the output variable and change the type of for each System.Net.Mail.MailMessage .
3.Use if activity pass the condition item.subject.contains(“Pass your subject content”).
4.If it is true then part use Save Attachments activity pass input message item and folder path (if you want create a folder use Create Folder Activity).

Kommi Jeevan.