Exception when invoking a workflow file

I have developed a workflow file that can work independently. it can click a button without any problems.

But when I invoke it in another workflow file, that button cannot be clicked.

My studio version was v1.1 and I have upgraded to v1.4 and the problem exists.

The button is from a Chinese Stock exchange desktop application that I cannot share the login info for representing the issue.

Anyone can help? Many thanks!

@cunama try using the full selector in the click activity in other workflow file and let me know.

or share the workflow files.

Tried but not working. I think it is due to too many layers and i will try later

Finally I found the problem. There are two application with the same basic application from two companies. and when i run each part separately, it was fine. but when i put them together, I cannot click that specific button. it is very weird.