Exception Handling time issue


Hi All,
My question is regarding Exception handling. When exception which is thrown by activity handled by catch block ,it take times to execute next activity.is there any solution to reduce that time?



@SagarSB, As far as I know, the very next activity that you have given will be executed soon unless or until it has big manipulation/files reading or if there is any delay.

What is the next activity/sequence you do ?

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next activity is type into


@SagarSB, Comparatively we shall check by

  1. noting down the time - writing a log message with exception.Message and
  2. next place the type into
  3. one more log message with some message

Compare the difference the time difference from the output section.

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its taking time to execute after exception


@SagarSB, You mean is it taking time to reach catch block ? Look strange.

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no, Its taking time to execute nxt activity which is nxt to that try catch block


@SagarSB, If the exception happens from TimeoutExceed oR SelectorNotFound obviously it will wait for that duration in the activity if the selector is not found.
Can you share XAML for better understanding (if possible)?

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no its not about exception type , uipath takes time to handle every exception. you can try by using exception handling ,put some activity in try block , handle that exception. you will be face same issue.


either its taking time to handle exception or for executing next activity.


@SagarSB, I have used and am using TRY_CATCH . I haven’t faced such issues. Looks weird!

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share ur xaml file


@Dominic I will explain u my xaml file


@SagarSB, You are welcome ! Everyone will get a clear idea about your issue.

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