Exception from HRESULT: 0x800A03EC Excel application scope

Hello All,

I have observed an error ‘Exception from HRESULT: 0x800A03EC Excel application scope’ when bot tryies to process emails from outlook

Process details:

  1. Bot Opens a Oracle Apex Tool and login into it if it finds any unread email in the outlook
  2. It downloads the excel file attached in the email and copy the data from 1st tab.
  3. it paste the data into another Macro enabled excel to get the final data
  4. Bot copies the final data from Macro enabled excel and process it in Oracle Apex tool

Now the issue is observed in the 2nd step, Bot login into the Oracle apex tool and tried to open the excel file attached to the email, it errors out with above mentioned error. it keeps on close the oracle apex and login into again and again without processing further.

Please note that there is not background excel process running in the machine.

It would be highly appreciable if you could shed some immeidate light and suggest some solution for it.


How large is the excel file and what is the extension of the file XLS or XLSX?
Post a screenshot of the workflow or share the workflow here.

Are you executing excel macro from UiPath?

If Yes… then you need to enable all macros settings in excel

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was this resolved? if yes pls share how did you resolve this

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