Exception from HRESULT

Hi i’m getting exception hresult 0x800a03ec when trying to execute an vba macro program in my workflow.
But it is working great when run the macro alone. Type of the error is Excel exception.
Can anyone explain this why?

Hi @Krish,

May I know which Excel version you are using? Is it created in 2010+ and you are using backwards compatible sheet?

Please attach a sample workflow and worksheet too.


Hi @Vikas.Jain

I’m doing vlookup from two excel sheets of .xls and .xlsx and pasting the output in another excel of .xlsx
Do you think this could be the reason ?


This error generally occurs when you try to use a backward compatible sheet.

If you are trying to perform a vlookup, Can you please go through the below post/thread?

This will help you!


Hi i’m getting error like hresult: 0*800A03EC source: Macro exception and Exception type: execution exception

I have checked the VLOOKUP’s and they are fine

I have attached the screenshot. Take a look and let me know why it occurs.

Hi Everyone,

I am getting an Error after excection of whole process by using UiPath Robot.

The message filter indicated that the application is busy.

Please give me some suggestion what would be the issue here.

Thanks in advance.

Hi @suman

Please let us know if this post and a thread is helpful: