Need help in excel automation scenario

Hi All ,

How to handle below scenario,
There are 2 excel files one is input and 2nd is result.
have to copy data from input to new result excel as is and then as per row have to validate with few condition and then update respective statuses into extra columns in result files.
Then save result file with new name.

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Did we try with normal READ RANGE activity and
Once after that with a FOR EACH ROW activity we can perform certain action we want with IF activity and update the status with a assign activity like this
row(“yourcolumnname”) = “your status”

Then can be written back to the excel we want with WRITE RANGE activity with add headers property enabled

Cheers @amruta_pawar

Step 1: Read the Excel file,the result will stored into data table. if you want any extra column you can add it .Ex for you result.

step 2: Iterate your data table using for each,inside for each block give your validation check then update the your status in to result field

Step3 : drag the write range workbook activity then give any name you want. assign the data table inside the write range activity.

above is the input file after read range i got one data table now in for each row i am performing condition, after that how to write back into result file ? how to write statuses?

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Below is the screenshot of my excel of input i just have to update the statuses with respect to customer id in result firstly do i have to write this data table into new result file and then update row wise ? but how?

@amruta_pawar you can update the column status as mentioned by @Palaniyappan
row(“yourcolumnname”) = “your status”

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ok and after that whole data table i have write into excel right?


Yah with WRITE RANGE activity and add headers property enabled we can write that datatable to a excel file

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