Excel, UiPath can't get value from certain sheet

Hey guys thanks for helping, I’ve got some questions here:

I’m downloading a few CSV data, using excel filter to choose resault then write down in a new sheet “Sampling”, so basiclly the value in “Sampling” would be what I need.

At first I thought I could use UiPath:Read Column starts from “Sampling:C2” and finish the job easily
but I keep getting error with “Object reference not set to an instance of an object”

and here comes the weird thing:
I tried exactly the same way (UiPath:Read Column) on the original sheet “DATA”, it works
I tried UiPath:Read Cell on “Sampling:C2” and it works too
I just couldn’t do Read Column on the “Sampling” sheet

can anyone get me the idea why and how to fix it?

btw I’m not able to upload the workflow, excel file or filter because it’s all Private for the company,
I know it might be difficault to understand what I’m saying only by imagine, but please can anyone helps?