Compiler Error : Object Reference not set to instance of object for Excel in UIpath

Hi all,
I am a beginner at UIpath. and I have few troubles getting stuck at minute points .I am working on a excel sheet and unable to print results. Also please suggest me if my assigning to values is recommended way.
Im trying to increment to next row if the condition given is true.

Hi @Srikavya_n,

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The Error you mentioned in this topic will occur when you trying to use some value which does not exist.

If you are reading the excel as datatable, then try to do the following.

– Declare a DataTable Variable
– Read the excel using Read range with the output datatable variable you have created
– Use For each row activity and inside that check your condition with Conver.ToString(row(“yourColumn”)).Equals(“yourValue”)
– Then print your statement there in the true part.

LoopExcelData.xaml (5.7 KB)

Check with this xaml

im sorry . I could not get it. I dont necessarily need to print the value. but i need to store value in the given nextRow thereby incrementing to next row

as shown in the above image