## Message Box: Object reference not set to an instance of an object

Hi All,

I have just started learning Uipath. Please help me to solve this error.

Message Box: Object reference not set to an instance of an object.

I am trying to read 2 excel files and write the values of a column in one of the excels using lookup data table.

Hi @Srinidhisr89

Do we passed the correct parameters in look up properties?

And can you elaborate what value do you need to lookup?


Hi Pravin,

I will share my excels. Let me know if my concept is correct.

Excel 1

Excel 2

I am trying to fetch B column values from excel 1 and write it in K column of excel 2 along with the average

Excel2 is a result of one of my workflows

My requirement is to fetch the values of average from excel 1 to excel 2

Hi @Srinidhisr89

As you re referring the lookup as Scheme name and getting the corresponding days Annualized Return and updating in excel 2 i am right!’



I could see the excel 2 row starts from A6
And there are some mergers cells in header part of first column of that excel
But in read range it is mentioned as A4 as starting cell

Can we standardise that excel 2 first in a way like remove the merged cells in and have one cell in all the headers you want and then try reading that excel

Other than that I feel everything looks fine for me

Cheers @Srinidhisr89

Yes you are right.


Hi palaniyappan,

I will try and let you know.


Hi Palaniyappan,

I tried. It worked out after unmerging cells. Thank you so much.


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Is there any further queries on this topic

If not it would be great to close this topic by marking the right comment as solution so that will be useful for others in future

Cheers @Srinidhisr89

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