Excel stuck background and not continuos de process

Hello guys, i have a problem.
In my workflow I use excel but sometimes the application doesn’t open because it is stuck.

Do you have any idea how to fix it.

Thank you

You can try to use the activity “kill process”

hi @pambrocio9,

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  1. As a best practice , It is always good to clean the environement meaning - Closing the application which are required by the Bot. In your Case , You can Kill Application Excel at the Beginning of Excel Application scope.

  2. If Killing of excel at Beginning is not a solution , the whenever the Excel is breaking , keep that part of the Bot in a Try catch Block - Whenever there is a system exception - meaning excel is not opening - In the Catch section we Put a KIll Process and then Re try the whole execution again from catch.

  3. You can also take help of task manger and get list of all active proceses - If it contains excels- Good , otherwise - Open Excel by using Open Application.


Hi guys, my problem continues.
the problem is that EXCEL APPLICATION SCOPE activity opens the file but does not close, so the following activity does not execute.


I appreciate your help, thanks

hi @pambrocio9,

Is it Necessary to use excel application scope ?

I mean - If you are not doing any UI Interaction with excel - we may do the automation with WorkBook Activities instead of excel application scope.

Also, have you tried killing the excel process before this execution ?


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