Code getting stuck on Excel Application Scope


I am currently having an issue with a process that is running through numerous excel files and then writing data to one master file. It can read all of the excel sheets, but when it goes to create and open the master file it is getting stuck in both debug and normal run. The slow step highlights the App Scope and then doesn’t go any further.


Does anybody have any ideas as to what may be occurring?


Use Kill Process activity before that Excel Application Scope activity and pass ProcessName as excel. It will help to close all Excel files.

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Hi @lakshman,

Thanks for the solution, but it turns out that the issue was the filepath. It didn’t want to open and save on a OneDrive location so I changed it to my code’s root folder and it’s fine.

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This might look as a workaround for now but in future the bot might stuck at times whenever it is trying to access the workbook

The reason is as the bot uses multiple excels one after the another it might get stuck due to over usage of memory or space as excel application scope activity uses excel application to open and see the file

So it’s better to avoid using excel application whenever we are reading multiple workbooks and it can be done with the help of WORKBOOK ACTIVITIES or by including kill process before each excel based activities

When using workbook activities not doesn’t rely on excel application and it can run even without that application being installed

So that would work without any error considering long run

Cheers @william.coulson

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Hi @Palaniyappan,

Thanks for this, if any other issues arise in the process then I’ll look into swapping out the app scopes :slight_smile:

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