Excel not closing at end of Excel Application Scope, Close Workbook

I am having a periodic issue where following the end of an Excel Application Scope activity it doesn’t close Excel. I have added a Close Workbook activity following the end of the application scope and it doesn’t help. It also will never time out. I have to go into Task Manager, kill the Excel process and the workflow continues.
This doesn’t happen every time but it is not uncommon. (~10%-20%).

I ended up putting in a Kill Process activity in another workflow to address the issue but do not like that solution as that sometimes leaves Windows thinking that the file is still open and it cannot be reopened.

Studio 19.10.1

Hi @russell.arnold,
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It might be rather something with excel but additionally I see you are using quite old Studio version. You might try the newest one and see if there is still the same issue. Or you can use try catch activity where you will try to close excel and if this will fail you could close it using for example powershell or some service-related activities.

You have to use kill process activity