Move from one sheet to another sheert in same excel sheet

Hi all ,

I would like to move from one sheet of the excel file (ex:sheet 1) to another sheet (sheet 2) in the excel file and save the excel sheet , such that If I open the excel file , I should be looking at the sheet 2 .

Can anyone please help me with this .

Thank you !


If there is only one sheet in the workbook,then try the below

Read the data from sheet1 > delete the file > write the copied data to sheet2

Check this xaml file . sample.xaml (5.7 KB)


Use send Hotkey Activity(Shift+F11) which will create a new sheet, Then you can use cntrl+s to save the Excel.
Whenever you open the excel it will point to the newly created sheet.

I hope this helps :smiley:

Hey @priya_joshi_thaneti

Let me Clarify - you want to activate any sheet for example sheet 2 then next time you wanna open excel it should show Sheet 2 Activated? am i correct?


Select all data in Sheet 1(Ctrl+A) and Copy the records(Ctrl+C). Now paste it in Sheet 2(Ctrl+V). lastly delete the Sheet1; right click on Sheet 1

Well @priya_joshi_thaneti if you will confirm den i have a solution,


yes @aksh1yadav,

here I have sheet 1 named as “Template Pivot”
and sheet 2 named as “Template”
and sheet 3 as “Changes”

I would like to move from sheet 2 to sheet 1 and save the excel file , so that if I open the excel file I would be looking at sheet 1 directly

and also I dont want to delete any sheets .

Switch Between Worksheets in Excel . So in order to move through sheets or tabs in an Excel workbook using the keyboard, simply press and hold CTRL and then press the PgUp or PgDn buttons to move from right-to-left or left-to-right! That’s it!

Try to automate it using “Send Hotkey” Activity.

Hey @priya_joshi_thaneti

No Hot keys and Ui Automation Included :slight_smile:

Here we go - :slight_smile: (9.9 KB)




Hi @aksh1yadav

Im unable to open the file … could you please check and let me know .

Depends on version i am musing Latest Beta Relase…!!

and if you cant change version then follow image :slight_smile:

it is So simple :slight_smile:


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Hi @aksh1yadav

can we pass the sheet name directly in the select range ?

Yes both things we can do the thing is having advantage in some cases where just sheet order matters instead of their names.


Thanks a lot akash :slight_smile:

can you please look into this issue as well