How to keep excel file open after Excel Application scope activity done

I want to keep my excel file open after read its cells in Excel Application scope, now as soon as Excel Application scope activity done my file gets closed.
i used delay option also but this open keep first file open and i am fetching the data from 2 different files.Excel Application Scope.7z (28.1 KB)

Hi ,

Try with Open Application Activity and Let me know.
Please refer the given link

Hello Vivek, thnx for reply.
can you please advice me what will be the Selector in this case, because i use below one and that is not working.
“<wnd app=‘excel.exe’cls=XLMAIN’ title= ‘WO\Template_Gaud\South.xlsx - Excel’ />”

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Try with Ui Explorer and validate the selector with wild cards.
use this
wnd app=‘excel.exe’ cls=‘XLMAIN’

remove title.

A Manohar

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Let try with title = ‘Excel Name - Excel’ & Remove the Path name… Please refer the given below syntax :

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If you set variable Excel application output(Workbook) variable then excel will not close after excel application scope as well



Hey…this work fine for me.
thnx alot…:grinning:


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