Excel Save As Type Combo box


I’m trying to save a file in Excel in xlsb but when I program the steps in UiPath it doens’t seem to recognize the combo box selection in ‘Save as Type’

The problem I have seems to be in the combo box as I’ve highlighted below

When I run the process, even thought he xlsb is selected, it seem like in Excel the format is still showing as XML

I tried adding a tab after the combo box to confirm the selection in Excel, but it doesn’t seem to make a difference.

Any ideas on how to make it work?


While type into the file name give test.xlsx with extension, it works


I need binary. @rajsekhar the files get corrupted if I save them with binary extension or I get continuous error messages


i not sure about binary files, but i used to save csv to xlsx , did n’t face any issues


I managed to resolve it thanks to @Uemoe using the Export window in Excel.

Quite a lot of steps and I don’t know yet why the combo box is not working :pensive:


try using * Binary *(without the spaces).select item accepts wildcads.