Excel Report Data Push to Kibana for Reporting Purpose

I have the below data in an excel sheet, now I want to add these data row by row to Kibana as an individual transaction item without using reframework. Is this achievable?

Name Address Country Status Remarks
XXX YYY ZZZ Failed Not Passed
AAA BBB CCC Successful Passed
GGG HHH III Successful Passed
JJJ KKK LLL Failed Not Passed

@vvaidya Could you please take a look at this particular problem

Try this:

You can add the column values “Add Log Fields” activity within a foreach activity followed by a WriteLine log about that Transaction. Don’t forget to remove those Fields after you are done adding table data using “Remove Log Fields” or else they will appear in all the logs.

For changes on Kibana side refer this https://stackoverflow.com/questions/29671524/kibana-how-to-display-log-as-table



@vvaidya It’s not working, all excel data is getting added into “message” attribute of Kibana. Not sure where I am doing this wrong.

@vvaidya when I am adding a single hardcoded data then it’s appearing properly and I am able to filter in kibana. Now, when I am adding row by row in a loop data is not getting added properly and getting added in a single message attribute.