Dataset to Datatable(need to upload data in excel)

I am using Reframework. i need to get transaction item from queue and processs the data. i am using Doc Understanding for pdf extraction. though i am taking multiple pdf from multiple folder, I’m using for each. after getting the data in dataset variable i can’t update it in excel. technically I can, but everytime the foreach runs and move to second transaction item. the 2 nd transaction item’s data is overwriting all the 1 st data. please help me with this.
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Hi @abivanth.r ,

Could you let us know what is the Excel sheet name and the Excel file name that you have set ? It might be because you are using the same name again for the next transaction, so the data is getting overwritten.

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You mean for every PDF, you need to add more data to the excel ?

If yes, have you tried append sheet?

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I’m using write range activity to write the data to excel. ''sheet1" is the sheet name. i want the 2 nd transaction item to write the data in the next available row

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yes, that is what i need. can you please elaborate the process and in which part of flow i need to implement it

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1.) Read PDF and save as text
2) Clean up the text and format it like CSV (comma delimiter)
3) Use activity “Generate Data Table”
4) Use activity “Append Range”
- Select the sheet and dataset(from #3)
5) Loop

I assume you already have done 1-3. #4 will auto new row to your excel.

i am sharing my .xaml please tell me where to do that. because pdf reading is already in loop
Process.xaml (39.3 KB)

Assuming there is 40 different structured pdf’s. I need to do the automation through doc understanding only. The pdf files are unstructured and i need to identify the pdf’s and take the data with the structure of it. it is only possible with doc understanding. please help me after getting dataset to excel.

Hi @abivanth.r ,

Are you using the UiPath Document Understanding Template to build your project.
If No, please referee that to create you project.
Template is designed in a way to convert the PDF documents into excel document in the extractor XAML file.
Using that output(excel) you can do any post processing like append the data in to different excel or post the data in down stream


In your case since your are looping the PDF, convert all the PDF into excel using DU, then in the post processing you can read all the excel and append in to one excel.

Let me know if you need more information.

after this activity i am using write range. but the data is being over written everytime the for each runs

Please help me on this one.
i am getting a path from queue transaction item. for identifying the pdf and extract the data it is only possible with doc understanding. however i need to upload the extracted data in a excel. if the transaction item gets to 2 the 1 st transaction data is getting over written