Data row added to an excel file

Hello everyone,
I need to create a reporting file (excel)
At the end of every iteration of the robot, a line should be added to the reporting file with some data.
I created the excel. And at the end of every iteration i added a “Add data row” with data that i need to have.
My question is how to make the data row added to the data table written in the excel file .
Thank you in advance

Hi @dhouha.cherif ,

If you are using an RE-Framework, you could try writing the Datatable to an Excel File in the End State using Write Range Activity as you are already adding using Add Data Row Activity to add the values to the Datatable.

We normally write the Reporting values at the End after all the Execution for the transaction items is completed.

Making sure, the Datatable reporting variable is In/Out Direction is necessary when passing between workflows so that we have the updated Datatable value.