Excel readrange stcuk/freezes?


In my process I am using an excel readrange to create datatables based on a “reference” file; this however seemed to have been working as expected, but this one time it just seems to get hung up, never timing out. I did not see any functionality to have these activities time out and adding a delay before activities is not an option, because, there are multiple bots running this process at the same time on different servers and so one of our theories is that they are being ran at the same time sometimes and affecting how each other interacts with the reference file. The properties of the excel application scope though is set to read only, so I don’t believe multiples reading the same file should be an issue.

I have also noticed that when I am debugging sometimes, my process just gets hung up at different portions not throwing an error or anything eg. yesterday it got hung up on log message and sat there for over 5 minutes not throwing an error, and I am thinking its just the same issue but for the excel issue it happened in production and cannot be recreated.

My company is using uipath 2018.4.4 and will be moving to 2019 by end of this year, not sure if this was an issue in this version or if there is a fix around this as the only fix for this right now is killing the process and restarting it, which is not really the best option for production.

Often long hangups are the result of server latency. Alternatively, if you have a very high timeout set for an activity, it can reach times this long, but the former is the more common cause.

I’m having the same type of issue. Is there any way to work around this? Because there is no exception being thrown I’ve no way to manage the process and it can hang for quite some time.