Excel Activity Read Range get stuck always

Hi everyone,

I’ve upgrade the Excel package in one of my processes (from 2.10.4 to 2.16.2) and I’ve also switched from old to Modern Design Experience. But now, when I’m trying to use Read Range activity in Excel Process Scope, it get stuck forever when the process reach that activity. Is this a problem with packages compatibility? Is anyone having the same problem? I’m not looking for a “workaround”, because this activity is supposed to work, or, at least, throw an error. I’ve tried all the options available in the activity (get data from sheet, range, table, etc… ; also tried to switch on/off “Has headers”, “Visible rows only” and changing the option of “Read formatting”).
I’m using UiPath Studio 2022.10.4, and for the project System.Activities 21.4.1 and UiAutomation.Activities 21.4.4.

If anyone can help me, would me much appreciated!


Is the file big?

Can you try setting visible option to false in excel scope activity

Also try changing options like read only …so that it would be quicker…new excel activities are little slow …but would be improved hopefully



Modern ReadRange (ReadRangeX) is known as very slow, sometimes.
As workaround we can use classic ReadRange (ExcelReadRange) instead of it, at this time, i think.


Thanks Yoichi for the tip. didn’t know you can use both Classic and Modern at the same time. Is it possible to use Classic Excel Activities inside Modern Excel Scope?


Yes, as the following.


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