Excel read write issue

Here is the problem: I am reading 1 coloum from excel having 100 rows and putting it into datatable. Then looping the coloum row by row to read data,putting into website and scrapping some data.After traversing of 100 rows is completed I am writing the same data in datatable and then into same excel.

My query is that in between if bot fails for ex. at 50th row then previously scapped data is not written into excel.Any good solution to handle this?

Hi @rahul_kumar4 !
Here is a suggestion: if you know where is the specific location of the activity that the bot might fail on, use trycatch activity:

  • In try put inside the sequence or the activities that might fail
  • In catch, put a write range

Let us know if it’s unclear !

I can help you through zoom.
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