Excel Sheet doesnt write passed entries if process fails

hi friends,
so basically my robot has to scrape from a excel sheet and then go into a website and put the info to login and then it adds a datable on a different sheet with the new scraped data from the website. the thing is if my bot crashes because of an error, the excel sheet, doesn’t have any entries written in it. it only has the entries all written if the whole thing didn’t crash. previously it would write the passed entire even it failed. how can i make it so that even the bot crashes all the passed entries would still be written in the excel sheet. i don’t know how to get that result again please help.

Hi @Shazid_Rahman ,

Could you Let us in on some more information ?

  1. Are you using an RE-Framework Template for the Process ?
  2. If using a Linear Sequence, Are you using a Try Catch Activity?

Let us know the Framework you have used and if any kind of Error Handling is Already in place.

yes i am using a try catch for error handling

@Shazid_Rahman If the bot crashes with some error it will come to Catch block. Then, why don’t you write the data to the excel in the catch block

In the catch block, keep if condition

Datatable DT.Rows.Count>0

In then block keep write range, else block leave it as empty


please look at this and base your answer on this

@Shazid_Rahman I was not able to open your work flow. Can you share the screenshot

@Shazid_Rahman Please find the sample workflow below

Example.zip (9.7 KB)

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