Excel Activity with Application

Hi Guys,
Hope all is well. I need some assistant.
I am able to do it only task not with excel.
the automated process should update the excel itself.
e.g. when bot open the task 1, if no error then bot updates excel as Pass. if there is an error displayed, then bot updates excel as fail and put the comment error details.And so on. Please anybody can help me.


You nees to update the specific row depending on the task completed right? So you need to identify the cell to update, you know the column name already but just need to know the row number.

If you read the whole datatable in, you can get the row index based on task name and then plus 1 as datatable start from index 0 where as excel starts from 1.

Hope that helps.

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@Sneha1 Use read range activity ande get your excel data into datatable.
Iterate over for each row of datatable and perform operation if successful then set the datatable column status as pass otherwise fail by row.Item(“status”)=“pass”
After for each row use write range activity to write your datatable into excel

Hi @TimK @Arpit_Kesharwani,
Can you please upload any dummy workflow. I am able to did without update excel.

@Palaniyappan can you please assist me?

To get the Row Index - you can use the below:

RowIndex = datatable.Rows.IndexOf(datatable.Select("No. = "+TaskNumber +").FirstOrDefault());

You can then use that to update your excel directly using write cell - the Range will be "D"+RowIndex.ToString

You would need to build your workflow to either assign the value of the cell to PASS or FAIL.

Hi @Arpit_Kesharwani, can you send me a sample workflow. I am newbie in uipath and it’s urgent for me.


@Sneha1 Please find attached sample workflow

BlankProcess.zip (30.6 KB)